All foreign citizens from non CIS countries are required to have a visa to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian visas can be obtained at a local Russian Embassy or Consulate. The steps that are needed to get a Russian visa are outlined below: 

The first step to getting a Russian visa is obtaining an invitation (also called visa support). This document is authorized by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (tourist visas) and/or Russian Interior Ministry (Multiple Entry business visas).

After getting an invitation, apply for a visa to Russia. For further information, please, contact your local Consulate of the Russian Federation.

Just send us your passport details or fill in the application and you will receive an invitation letter within 3 working days!


Tourist Invitation and Voucher – 25 euros (single or double entry, maximum stay is 1 month). Processing time is 1-3 working days.


Business visa invitation is needed to get a business visa to Russia. Business visas can be single, double,and multiple entry. Their validity ranges from 1 up to 12 months. Business invitation is an invitation letter issued by the Russian Interior Ministry. 

Business Invitation – 150 euro (multiple entry 6 months or 1 year stay). Processing time is 25 working days.





According to Russian legislation, foreign visitors are required to register at the Ministry of the Interior within 3 (three) days of arrival in Russia.
Registration takes up to 1 working day. For this purpose a copy of your passport, visa and immigration card is required.
We are happy to help you with this registration procedure upon request.

Cost of registration support - 25 euros per person.




If you are on a business trip or planning a vacation to Russia from a foreign country, our certified interpreters can help you during your visit.
All interpreters are qualified professionals.
They can also arrange excursions for you to explore the city and find out more about its history.
At the end of your trip, you will be given a report stating the actual number of hours he/she has worked and charged accordingly.

Interpretation rate – 30 euros per hour (languages: English, German, French, Italian)



We guarantee the highest quality of services offered!



District:City center
Metro:Mayakovskaya (metro map)
Rate per night:50 - 100 €
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District:City center
Metro:Nevskiy prospekt (metro map)
Rate per night:45 - 80 €
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District:City center
Metro:Ploshchad' Vosstaniya (metro map)
Rate per night:50 - 110 €
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